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Let Jesus Show



      Last week, I mentioned the story of a third-grade girl at a Christmas pageant who was pretty small and couldn't see the            manger. She had helped work on it and wanted to see Jesus in the manger. Frustrated, she yelled out, "Let Jesus show!"        That this comment was really LOUD and heard by everyone during the program was just fine with the director and the              pastors. And this story is making quite the rounds this Christmas in America. 

      I'm not sure where it was, but only that it was at an Episcopal church somewhere in our great land. What a rich and poetic      comment! The point of today's program by the children is to Let Jesus Show. Even if they forget words, fidget and look            down more than sing or speak, they are trying to do what that little girl did at the church. To say without doubt or question that Jesus our Savior, is born in Bethlehem! May the grace AND truth of our Lord Jesus Christ make its way into your heart and mind and soul "from the mouths of babes." Joy in him, and see you Tuesday or Wednesday! 

Pastor Dieterichs

Don't Be Shy


  I used to be "shy." I was a quiet kid and a careful observer of people. Those are good qualities but I      remember how I'd watch   with amazement at other kids who would bring friends to class, unsure of    how they did that. And then truth be told, I was a l      ittle miffed at the new kids for either not                listening to the teacher or using too much glue, or smooshing the tips of markers in     till they were    useless. But what a different perspective I have now, as a pastor! What an opportunity it all was to      SHOW the      new kids life in Christ. I wasn't against the concept as a kid, just unsure how to do it.       Upon meeting Yanti, who went with         many friends to their churches and invited many friends to     hers, I found the zenith of joy in the Savior and inviting others to      see Him. So, maybe you are          shy. Maybe you are more like Yanti. But we in leadership ask you, beg you to invite just one                 person to come with you to church this Advent and Christmas if you are shy. If you are like Yanti, try to keep it around a        manageable 100 new friends! You may have better luck remembering their names that way. (haha!) At any rate, invite them  to see Jesus. The story goes that a 9-year old girl was forced to the back of a Christmas program at her church. She couldn't see Jesus and so she yelled out, "Let Jesus show!" And that is an excellent statement for us in church leadership and as "regulars" in this congregation. This Christmas, Let. Jesus. Show. Let your joy in Him spill over onto others. Jesus is for all people everywhere.

 In Him, 

Pastor Dieterichs