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Greetings, Calvary Family:

We made it through the first month of 2020 already!  I just wanted to bring you up to speed on somethings that are happening around Calvary this upcoming month:

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January 26, 2020:  We held a retirement dinner for Megan Schlick.  A good time was had by all as we ate goulash prepared & supplied by Tibor & Angella Biro.


We also learned about “Meganisms” from Deacon Hurst.

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We welcomed in 4 new members to our Calvary Family

Debbie Asmondy (Marcy’s daughter) by Affirmation of Faith

Tom Horton (Grace & Aiden) by Affirmation of Faith

Marcy Harrison transferred in from St. Thomas in Streetsboro, OH

William (“Bill”) Moysey transferred in from St. Paul’s in Valley City, OH

Pastor and I have previewed the directory proof, made notes, sent it back and have 

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requested to view a new proof in about 2 weeks so that we can make sure all is in order before “authorizing it to print”.  Still looking like delivery for about the end of February!


If you park near the garage and youth room, your spot will be taken up by a 10yd dumpster that has been rented for the storage room clean-out happening this

weekend in the Fellowship Hall @10am.  Please plan accordingly for parking elsewhere on Calvary’s property.


Pastor Dieterichs will be attending a Central Circuit Conference in Sharon, PA on February 4th and 5th.

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February 9th – CWT is having a Heart Healthy Salad Luncheon.

We only have 3 more weeks of the Discipleship Study that we are partnering with Crossroads Lutheran Church on Wednesdays.

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Ash Wednesday is February 26, 2020.



We have New Meeting Schedules for February 2020 and beyond:

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Elders will still meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

Board of Education and Outreach will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Council has been moved to the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

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There is now a mailbox slot in the Church Office for Lisa Klein, our new Office Manager – please leave any items that need her attention there.


We are still supporting the Cleveland Pregnancy Center (CPC) for their “Loose Change For Life Campaign” throughout the rest of February.

The Calvary bookstore will be open on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month between Bible Study and Worship – Volunteers to help staff the bookstore are needed.

***See Deacon Hurst or Jennifer Toronski, if interested***

The CWT is still collecting “Care Packages for U.S. Military Members”.

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Keep those in the “Prayers of the People” section of your weekly bulletins in your daily thoughts and prayers. 


Jeffrey Lessa

Calvary Chairman 2020-2022







Greetings, Calvary Family,

I just wanted to bring you up to speed on a few things for January 2020:

I am expecting an e-mail proof of our Directory @January 31, 2020.  If any corrections need to be made, I will request another proof before final approval for printing.  It is looking like we will have our directories by the end of February 2020.

Don’t forget the Hungarian goulash dinner on Sunday January 26, 2020 in honor of Megan’s retirement after serving our Church as Office Manager for 16 years (2003-2019).

Details are in the weekly Church bulletins in regards to a retirement gift, set-up time: Saturday January 25, 2020 @9am for this dinner, etc.

January 18 and 19th:  Rev. Dr. Paul Hoffman returns to our pulpit for preaching while Pastor Dieterichs is away.  We can probably also expect to “say hello to his little friend” as well!

In case you missed Installation weekend (January 12, 2020), here are your 2020 Officers:

Chairman:  Jeffrey Lessa

Vice Chairman:  OPEN

Immediate Past Chairman:  Matthew Kasinecz

Council Secretary:  Michelle Stacko

Treasurer:  Barb Frastaci

Assistant Treasurer:  Linda Mann

Board of Elders:  Jay White

                               Terry Maust

                               Mike Heldwein

***Always room for more Elders***

Trustees: Dave Stacko

                  Tim Dowell

                  Mike Marcis

***Always room for more Trustees***

Financial Secretary:  Gayle Jonas

Assistant Financial Secretary:  Kimberly Lessa

Outreach Chair:  Mary Wojtkiewicz

Assistant Outreach Chair:  OPEN

Stewardship Chair: Ron Wojtkiewicz

Assistant Stewardship Chair:  OPEN

Board of Christian Education:  Jennifer Toronski

                                                        Kevin Vonderau

                                                        Kimberly Kasinecz

                                                        Connie Wagner

Fellowship Chair:  Pat Hageman

Assistant Fellowship Chair:  Diane Mirola

Fellowship Board: Elaine Pintner

                                  Sonia Williams

                                  Megan Schlick

                                  Sandy Deunk

Nominating Committee:  OPEN

Please be sure to check out the Narthex for the A-Frame and other activities that the various groups are engaged in throughout the month of January (Socks for Flocks, Snow Ball Party, CPC Baby Bottles Campaign, Care Packages for Military Members, etc.)

New Office hours are 9am—1pm with Lisa Klein

Also, please be sure to check out our website to see all the exciting updates that have been done to it (including Pastor’s Corner, recorded sermons, Deacon’s page, weekly bulletins, etc.)

As always, keep those in the “Prayers for People” section of our bulletin in your thoughts & prayers

Exciting times and events are already afoot here for Calvary Lutheran Church in 2020 (our 65th Anniversary year)!



Jeffrey Lessa

Calvary Chairman 2020-2022