Thank you to Verna Jurkovich and Roseanne Dowell for coordinating the Healthy Heart Salad Luncheon, to Verna Jurkovich and Elaine Pitner for setting up, to those who attended and donated such delicious salads, and to everyone who helped with clean up.


Free Salad Bar Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...




A mailbox has been added for Lisa Klein in the church office.  Please leave any items that need her attention there.  Thank you!!!







A Letter from the Cleveland Pregnancy Center 

To our friends at Calvary Lutheran, 

I work as the Social media/Marketing Coordinator for Cleveland Pregnancy Center, and I'm reaching out to the churches that support us. I wanted to share a couple of new ways for people to get connected and involved if they would like to. We have a Facebook Champion page for our supporters, the address is We also have a blog that will be released on January 29th! The blog address is The blog will feature personal stories, articles on current events, ministry highlights, and a behind the scenes look at the impact that Cleveland Pregnancy Center makes in our community.  We also have a prayer group for those that would like to join at If you have a social media page, or a way to let your congregants know about these connections, feel free to share! I've attached a couple images with the information on it. Thank you so much for all of your support! It’s so appreciated. I look forward to see how God is going to work this year!

Life Always,

-Chris Matetic



Learn the Warning Signs of Elder Abuse.  (Click on picture for Link)



What does the future hold for Calvary in 2020?

Only God knows.¬† The most obvious one is we will celebrate our 65th¬†Anniversary.¬† To most people, that would be a ‚Äúretirement age‚ÄĚ.¬† However, we are not ready to ‚Äúretire‚ÄĚ Calvary yet.¬† Maybe we can ‚Äúretire‚ÄĚ some of the ways of doing things that we did in the past.¬†¬†

All of this will happen under the watchful and helpful guidance of our new full time Pastor we now have in place, after an exhaustive 27 month search. With the leadership of Pastor Dieterichs, we can move forward with spreading the Word of God to this fallen world, specifically Parma, OH and its surrounding communities. 

I feel that the operative theme for Calvary in 2020 should be ‚Äúreflection‚ÄĚ.¬† Let me explain:

Reflection¬†has many different meanings, but the one I want us to focus on for 2020 is ‚Äúserious thought or consideration‚ÄĚ.¬†

That is….

Reflection¬†on the past during the vacancy to see where we fell short (both internally and externally to our brothers and sisters in Christ) and ALSO where we shone ‚Äúbrighter than the sun‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†

Reflection on what we did in the past (that is: see what worked and what can be brought back or a develop a new idea for a new beginning in 2020).  

Reflection¬†on your role in this Church body ‚Äď how you can better serve the Lord in terms of time (volunteering for events, leadership positions, etc.), talents (reading, small choir bursts, etc.), and tithing (are you moved by the Spirit to help ‚Äúreturn the first fruits to God‚ÄĚ?).¬†




Reflection on what Calvary means to you.  Reflection on what image you want Calvary to portray to the surrounding Parma, OH community (i.e. how do we become a beacon of hope again for those that are lost in this world?

¬†I understand we used to have a tall fluorescent cross in front of Calvary in the past and that everyone knew Calvary as the ‚ÄúChurch with the big cross on the hill‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†

Reflection on what projects or ideas Calvary can undertake or act on to move forward into the next chapter of our family in the 21st century.  Reflection on Calvary’s motto and mission statement (does it need to be updated, changed, etc.).  

Reflection on God’s Word as it contains the basic instructions on how to live our lives on earth.

¬†In preparing this speech I came across the following Biblical meaning of ‚Äúreflection‚ÄĚ from¬†¬†and it specifically said: ‚ÄúAs we study the Bible, we learn that the Law is like a mirror ‚Äď for both God and man. In the Law, we see a true reflection of God‚Äôs character. That¬†reflection¬†reveals that God is holy and righteous.‚Ä̬†¬†

I also came across this in¬†Genesis 1:27¬†where it says ‚ÄúSo God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.‚Ä̬†

So, whatever you choose to¬†reflect on in 2020 and beyond, always keep God at the forefront of your thoughts and actions.¬†¬†Luke 1:37¬†tells us ‚ÄúFor nothing is impossible with God‚ÄĚ.¬† By working together, not against one another, we can move Calvary forward in 2020 and continue to grow Calvary‚Äôs family tree.¬† I am excited for 2020 and beyond for our Calvary family and I hope you are as well.¬†

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the role as Congregation Chairman for the next 2 years.

 Jeffrey Lessa

Congregational Chairman 2020-2022



Photographic film Camera Photography Clip art - Camera png ...

The photographers are all packed up and gone. Thanks to all who volunteered for check-ins, assisting with updating your directory information and for all who signed up for directory pictures. If you still want a picture in the next directory, please send me a horizontally formatted one to my home e-mail with your family name and all members in it (i.e. how you would like them to appear in the directory) to . I plan on submitting a final draft of the directory, revised roster of Calvary member information and all individual photos to Life Touch no later than December 23, 2019. Sincerely, Jeffrey Lessa, 2019 Calvary Vice Chairman.



Calvary has purchased a new pre-lit 10-ft Christmas tree. We praise God for a 

Beautiful Christmas tree with colorful balls. Decoration, bauble, evergreen conifer. New Year concept. Can be used for greeting cards, posters, leaflets and brochure

member who generously gave the full cost for our new tree! Praise the Lord with us! 

Hats and Mittens 

Please bring hats and mittens for the mitten tree for the month of December.

Thank you for the socks in November. 





Calvary has purchased a new pre-lit - 10ft Christmas tree. Cost is about $1000.00 If you woul dlike to help with the expense, please place your cotribution in an envelope marked "Calvary Christmas Tree: and place it in the offering plate or leave in the church office. Thank you for your support for the upgrade to our Christmas decorations. 



Attention Calvary Members (and family and friends)   

Free Choir Singers Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...


This year we are forming a choir for to perform on a Sunday in Advent; most likely December the 8th. We will be singing some selected songs from a past Cantata.

If you are interested, we will have the first rehearsal this coming Sunday, December 1st, right after Sunday service. This is open to EVERYONE who would like to participate. If you have wanted to be in a choir in the past but couldn't make time commitment, this is a fantastic opportunity to get to do it and sing our praises to God for the coming gift of His Son!

We hope you can participate!

God Bless!

Have you made your sitting appointment for your portrait? 


Lifetouch Photographers will be preparing a new picture directory for Calvary. Calvary wants YOUR picture in the directory! Appointments begin on Monday, December 9. Please make your appointment as soon as possible. This is also a perfect opportunity to get that family, multi- generation, portrait you have always wanted. See Jeff Lessa for more information. It's also  a good time to make sure the office has your correct physical address, your correct phone number (did you go wireless?), and your correct email address. Please verify they are correct. If you have moved, changed, in the last 5 years, please verify using the forms on the A frame.

New Christmas Tree

Calvary is going to purchase a new prelit 10-ft Christmas tree. Cost will be about $1,000.00 If you would like to help with this expense, please place your contribution in an envelope marked “Calvary 


Christmas Tree‚ÄĚ and place in offering plate or leave in the church office. Thank you for your support for this upgrade to our Christmas decorations.¬†

Christmas decora2ng date : 


Saturday, November 30, 9 am 

New member? Interested in becoming a member? 


Want to brush up on what being Lutheran means? Come to the ‚ÄúNew‚ÄĚ Member Class beginning Weds., Nov. 20, 5:30 pm Class will last an hour or so, depending on how many questions folks have. Try to finish classes by Wednesday, December 18. Light dinner.. Beginning the Wed., December 4th, stay for Cookies and Chrismons, an Advent series, in the Fellowship Hall . Chrismons are ornaments in the shape of old Christian symbols. Often made for a church Christmas tree, like Calvary‚Äôs, but may be on any Christmas tree. Chrismons point to Jesus in some cool ways and celebrate his birth.¬†

Calvary Photo Directory 


Calvary is in the process of scheduling photography appointments for a new pictorial directory due to be published mid-January 2020.¬† We haven‚Äôt put out a directory since 2013 and we need to get our new Pastor‚Äôs photo on our ‚ÄúWall of Pastors‚ÄĚ.

The dates and times for this event are as follows:

Monday December 9, 2019 2pm‚ÄĒ9pm

Tuesday December 10, 2019 2pm‚ÄĒ9pm


Sign-up sheets will be available in the Narthex for the weekends of Nov. 16-17, Nov. 23-24, Nov. 30‚ÄĒDec.1 & Dec.7-8 for signing up and scheduling.¬†


There are alternate ways available for shut-ins or families with college kids or live far away to be included, just e-mail: Jeffrey Lessa for details.

Offering Envelopes   

Free Church Offering Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...

Please pick up your 2020 Offering envelopes located on the table in the narthex. 
Many contributors have been assigned numbers for 2020 that are different from their 2019 numbers.  Please use 2019 envelopes/ numbers only until Dec. 31, and then throw them away.  Far away. 
     Please begin using ONLY the 2020 envelopes on January 1, 2020.  It is impossible for the office to resolve who and when if the years and envelope numbers get crosse

Nami National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI Peer to Peer class will meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 630 to 830 pm beginning Monday, Nov. 18 for 4-5 weeks. Peer to Peer is a free educational program for adults with mental health conditions who are looking to better understand themselves and their recovery. Taught by trained leaders with lived experience, this program includes activities, discussions and informative videos. NAMI classes are FREE.

Love Inc. - Sponsor a Child  


Love Inc needs your help with sponsoring a needy child this Christmas by donating an article of clothing and a fun gift (toy). About a $75 expenditure. 


To sponsor a child, please pick up a form with child's name, age, and gift ideas in the Narthex November 16th or 17t. Wrapped gifts (the form with your child's name must be attached to the gift) at Calvary no later than December 1st.


Volunteers are needed for delivering gifts to the cHIdren's parents/guardianns. Please sign up ion the deliverysheet in the Narthex. 

If you would rather give a monnetary donation of any amout, that would be gladly accepted also. 


Please put donations in the offering plates in an envelipe marked "Love Inc. Barb Matlack" Any monetary gift should be submitted no later than November 24th.

Please feel free to contact Barb at

Bookstore Bookstore Bookstore

Bookstore bargains are to be found as the bookstore is clearing out old inventory and preparing for new inventory. Check to see if the bookstore is open, if it isn't, ask someone to open it. 

Lutheran Wind Ensemble Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Saturday, Nov. 23, 5-7:30 PM at St Paul Lutheran Church 27993 Detroit Road, Westlake. Tickets $10.00 adults, $5.00 children available from Pastor Ballas. Proceeds help fund instrumental music education in Cleveland areal Lutheran Schools. 



   Love in the Name of Christ will be collecting coats for the homeless and disadvantaged in Cuyahoga County. 9/30 to 10/28. All the coats will be professionally cleaned and distributed through partner churches and ministeries. Please bring  your coats to Calvary or Love INC. Children's and Mens coats are the most needed. Questions - Call 216-459-0302 or email


Recycle your clean, empty plastic bags for 

making mats and tote bags for use at the homeless



How to help:

1.  Be a collector: collect clean plastic grocery bags

2.  Be a folder: fold the bags into their original shape

3.  Be a cutter: cut off the bag handles and one inch off

of the bag bottom.  Fold lengthwise into 2 inch strip

4.  Cut folded strips into 2 inch loop, cut the loop open


Installation and Luncheon    


Please join Pastor Dieterichs and Yanti at the installation Saturday, September 21, 2019, at 1 pm followed by a celebratory, catered luncheon in the Fellowship Hall. Last day to sign up (RSVP) for luncheon is Sunday, September 15, 2019. 

Please Note: Change of Plans!!! 

Saturday, September 21, 2019, there will be NO SATURDAY 6 pm worship service following the Installation and luncheon. 

Save The Tabs  


You see them every time you open up a soft drink or soup. You may find them when you feed your pet. Those tiny little tabs are easy to overlook, but they can make a BIG impact on the families at Ronald McDonald House. Join us as we support The Thrivent Member Network’s Pop Tab Collection Challenge! Make An Impact Start Collecting


One day class offered by NAMI Greater Cleveland to be qualified in MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID How do I know when someone needs Mental Health Assistance? By becoming a Mental Health First Aider! Mental Health First Aid is the initial help offered to a person developing a mental health or substance use problem, or experiencing a mental health crisis. Learn risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance use problems, information on depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis and substance use.

Learn a 5-Step Action Plan to help someone developing a mental health problem or is in crisis. ! Friday, September 13, 2019 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Calvary Lutheran Church Continental Breakfast, Lunch and snacks will be provided. Please contact Kari Kepic at 216- 875-7776 or with any questions or to register. Registration is Required

Of all lifetime cases of serious mental illness, 50% begin by age 14, 75% by age 24. What can WE do? 







Pastor Joel Dieterichs has accepted the call to Calvary. We look forward to him and his family joining our church family.


Pastor Joel Dieterichs and his family visited Calvary Monday through Wednesday, August 5th - 7th. We hope we made him and his family feel welcome.  We had a Meet and Greet Tuesday, August 6th at 6:00 PM and a Pot Luck Picnic. Food and fellowship was amazing.

Our prayers are with Pastor Dieterichs and his family as he makes his decision.





NAMI Basics will offered at Calvary for 6 weeks beginning Wednesday, July 24. 6-9pm, for six weeks. Free. Designed for parents, guardians and other family who provide care for youth (age 22 or younger) who are experiencing mental health symptoms. NAMI Basics is offered in a group setting so participants can connect with other people in person. 



   Calvary goes to Minneapolis  

Deacon Hurst will lead a group of youth and adults to the National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis for a week of exploration and learning. July 11-15th. 

Follow events in Minneapolis on Facebook at 

Sunday VBS



July 28 and August 25

‚ÄĘ 9-945 am during education hour AND 11am to 1 pm

‚ÄĘ Light lunch included

‚ÄĘ All ages included and all ages together

‚ÄĘ Lessons

‚ÄĘ Crafts¬†


Parma Parade and Calvary Picnic

Represent Calvary at the parade. Step off at 10 a.m.  See Mary W. for details  about assembly time and place. 

Community Picnic on the Calvary grounds 11 a.m. to12:30 p.m. immediately after the parade.  Invite your friends.  Invite your neighbors.  Invite people at the parade. Hot dogs, face painting and games to celebrate the 4th! See Mary W. to help out.

Clean up needed, also. 


Ministry in Mission 

Pastor Hill works with Ministry in Mission for the mission trips to Haiti. To donate or for more Prayers of the people... information please contact or write to them at 13442 Shady Lane, Chesterland, OH 44026. Phone 440.729.2272 

Voter's Meeting Regarding Call

The Call Committee has reviewed the Self Assessment Tools (SETs) from the third list of Candidates comparing it to our Congregational SET and are assembling the same type of summary document as last time. These will be available to take home the weekends of June 15-16 and 22-23. We will also have full copies of the SETs available for viewing those weekends as well. This is in anticipation of our next Congregational Call Meeting on Sunday, June 30th.


2019 Festival de Cannes

C.W.T. (Calvary Women Together) will have the annual Can Collection the entire month of June.  Please bring your UN-EXPIRED canned foods by June 30.  The Food Bank is not permitted to 


 distribute canned goods that are past the printed expiration date.

Together we CAN!

Ladies Bible Study will be on summer vacation until September.  Watch the bulletin for dates and locations of the summer field trips.  First date: will be Weds. June 26 at Bakers’ Square, W. 130 St., meet at 11:30am. 



Brunch & Bibles          

Panera, Shoppes of Parma, 930 a.m.   


Coming dates: May 11 and 25, June 1 and 8.

Help Wanted - Screen Techs Needed  

What? - Serve the Lord! No extra time required!

Where and When? - During worship services you already attend! Stay focused on the service and prevent your mind from wandering!


 Wouldn't you rather sit in a big comfy chair instead of the pew?

How? - If you can hit a space bar, you, too, can be a screen tech. Please consider learning more by signing up on the A-frame near the office. Talk to any screen tech for more information. Thanks in advance. 

"Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people."    Ephesians 6:7


Calvary Bakers: Holy Trinity (Broadview Road) needs your help

with the Professional Church Workers Conference May 6-8, 2019. If you are able to bake or help with meal service or
clean up, please contact Millie Kwiatkowski at 216-398-7321


Haiti Mission Trip Report  

Mike Heldwein will report on his recent mission trip to Hai/ during the Sunday School Hour, 9 AM on Sunday, May 19th. He will also present for 30 minutes following both Saturday and Sunday worship services the following weekend, May 25 and 26 .


      Rummage Sale Saturday,  June 1  

Time to sort, clean, price, and pack up the treasures in your attic, your garage, under the bed, and behind the armoir. Begin bringing donation on Memorial Day weekend.

See Jeff Steingass Receipts available


Golf Fundraiser

Our church partner, Love In The Name of Christ, (Love INC) is having a Golf Fundraiser on June 17 at Pine Hills Golf Course in Hinkley. ALL proceeds raised go directly to those in need in Cuyahoga County. For details go to their website at or call Michelle at:

 (216) 459-0302       


Both recurring and one-time offerings may be made through PushPay. Or on the Calvary web site. Please contact the church office if you would like to change your recurring offering from Vanco to PushPay. The change is not a requirement, only a matter of your preference.