Rejoice in God’s goodness in Christ as you pray: 1. Thank God that He is our loving heavenly Father.

2. Thank God for His creation.

3. Thank God for daily bread. Pray that all would be fed and clothed this day.

4. Thank God for family. Pray that God would guide all families love each other with the love of God in Christ Jesus.

5. Thank God for shelter. Pray for those who are without homes this day.

6. Thank God for reason. Pray that learning and intellect are always in service of God’s Kingdom. 7. Thank God for Jesus. He is our only Savior from sin, death and the power of the devil.




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Remember God’s work through the Synod’s church workers as you pray:

19. that God would give us faith so that we may not fear in times of trouble nor fall away in times of prosperity.

20. for the Holy Spirit and the wisdom that comes down from above to be given to us, so that God’s Word may not be bound but have free course and be preached to the joy and edification of Christ’s holy people.

21. that the Church would work together in God-pleasing unity and that their joint efforts would further God’s kingdom.

22. for Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind.; and other institutions that prepare servants for the Church, that they would properly prepare men and women to serve God and His Church.

23. with thanksgiving for every person and organization that supports the work of the Church. The prayers and financial support of God’s people enable the Gospel to be shared at home and around the world.


12. for military chaplains, who put themselves in harm’s way to minister to members of our armed forces. Ask God to keep them safe as they share Christ’s love with our servicemen and women.

13. for the health and wellbeing of all church workers, that they would utilize opportunities for rest and renewal.

14. with thanksgiving for every person who volunteers in a congregation as an elder, an usher, a Sunday school teacher or in another capacity. Praise God that He calls His people to support full-time church workers in a variety of ways.

15. with thankful hearts for the blessings God gives to His people through full-time church workers. These faithful men and women care for us, pray for us and teach us the Word of God.

1. With thanksgiving for the many dedicated church workers in the LCMS, who share in our joys and sorrows. Ask the Lord to comfort and defend them from every assault of the devil.

2. for the Synod’s pastors, that they would hold fast to the Word of God and find strength to continue preaching God’s truth in an increasingly anti-Christian culture.

3. for the Synod’s deaconesses. Pray that they would be equipped with all things needful to love and serve people in every situation.

4. that God would bless the work of directors of Christian education, as they develop educational ministries for children, youth, adults and families.

5. for the Synod’s directors of Christian outreach, that God would guide their efforts to support a congregation’s or organization’s outreach and evangelism work.

6. for directors of family life ministry. Ask that God would guide their vital work to strengthen the families in our congregations.





















8. Rejoice that Jesus is true man, that He can sympathize with our weaknesses.

9. Rejoice that Jesus is true God, that our Savior is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

10. Repent of all your sins and trust that God forgives your sins through the blood of Jesus.

11. Pray that God would empower you, by His Spirit, to live in righteousness, innocence and blessedness.

12. Thank God that He freely gives faith and salvation through His Spirit. Pray that all would hear the Word and be Baptized according to His will.

13. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Pray that He would keep all in the true faith.

14. Thank God for the Church. Pray that she would remain faithful to her Savior.

15. Rejoice that God gives and sustains faith in the Holy Trinity. Rejoice that God is love. 



24. for young people, that the Lord would lead them to serve Him and bless His people.

25. for us, that when we are tempted to focus on the things of the world or on ourselves, God would direct our attention to His Word and will. 

26. with thanksgiving that God continues to strengthen us through His Word and Sacraments.

27. with thankful hearts to God for sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross and rise again so that we might have the forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life.

28. that we would joyfully study the Sacred Scriptures as a light to our path and gratefully make use of the Lutheran Confessions to help us understand and apply the Scriptures.

29. with thanksgiving for shepherds in the Church’s history and pastors today, whom God uses to guide His flock.

30. that God would keep all Christians from being led astray by false teachings, and instead bring them to a deeper knowledge of Him.

31. that we all would be given a trust in the saving Gospel and a great passion to spread its joy with others in our lives. 


7. for teachers and administrators in Lutheran schools, that they would model Christ-like behavior for students and incorporate the Gospel message into each and every day.

16. with thanksgiving to God for raising up voices in every age and generation as He continues to call people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

17. that God would raise up in our own time faithful pastors and church workers who will preach Jesus Christ crucified and risen, for the edification of His people and for the sake of those not yet of the faith.

18. with thanksgiving that God does His bidding through unworthy and unlikely people. Pray that He would keep us from thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought and keep us focused on the proclamation of the Gospel.

8. for directors of parish music, that they would find joy and satisfaction in their work of enhancing the worship life of the church.

9. for the Synod’s commissioned lay ministers, who work under a pastor’s guidance to support a church’s efforts in evangelism, Christian education, parish administration and other areas that are God-pleasing.

10. for missionaries, who leave home and family to work in faraway lands. Ask God to give them strength, wisdom and protection as they do His work.

11. for those involved in Specialized Pastoral Ministry, who serve the ill, imprisoned, aging, troubled and isolated. Give thanks for their service to people in the midst of tragedy or crisis.